Edikaikong soup

Edikaikong soup – Homemade Edikaikong soup recipe

Hello there, welcome to cooking reviews where we share legit cooking tips. In today’s edition, I will be sharing a delicious Nigerian meal called Edikaikong soup.

Edikaikong soup

So sit back and grab a glass of juice as I reveal to you a perfect Edikaikong soup recipe that can be made at home for the family.

What is Edikaikong soup all about?

According to Wikipedia Edikaikong is a vegetable soup that originated among the Efik people of Cross River State and Akwa Ibom state in Southeastern Nigeria.

It is a very popular dish in Nigeria with not only its delicious taste but the healthy ingredients used in making this dish, which makes it a healthy soup.

Edikaikong soup is a very healthy and nutritious meal but quite expensive to prepare, it is classed as the food for the rich in Nigeria, notwithstanding it can be prepared by anyone at home some of its ingredients are rich in iron which is good for our health.

This meal is usually given to an ill or recovering ill patient as it helps replenish whatever was lost during the sickness, but you don’t have to be ill or health broken before taking this fulfilling Nigerian dish.

So quickly let’s dive into the business of the day!

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Ingredients for making Edikaikong soup

  • Pumpkin leaf (ugwu)
  • Stockfish
  • Waterleaf
  • Meat (goat, beef) and meat stock
  • Kpomo
  • Dried fish
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Crayfish
  • Palm oil
  • Periwinkle
  • Onions – 2 medium bulb
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Locust beans (optional).

Pumpkin leaf (ugwu)

Uguw leaf(pumpkin)

pumpkin leaf or vegetable leaf is one of the ingredients used in making Edikaikong soup that makes up its healthy quality. Pumpkin leaf can be substituted in place of spinach/lettuce, but note that it won’t give you that exact Edikaikong soup taste.



Stockfish is an unsalted fish dried by cold air and wind. It is also one of the ingredients for making a rich Edikaikong soup.

Meat and meat stock


You can make use of any meat of your choice but I use beef, Goat, or both in my Edikaikong soup ever is your preference choose wisely.



kpomo is simply cow skin roasted and processed. It can be gotten from local food stores.

Dried fish

Dried fish

dried fish is a fish slowly smoked over a long period until it is dehydrated and dry. Adding it to your Edikaikong soup makes it amazing.



Pepped can be added as desired.


Salt can also be added as desired, but it shouldn’t be too much.


Crayfish is like the secret of every woman’s kitchen, its taste is super fantastic.

Palm oil

Palm oil

if you have not used palm oil before, palm oil is a kind of oil gotten from palm nuts, they are red.

Palm oil makes your soup especially Edikaikong moist but adding too many spoils the appearance and Even the taste of your soup. As the saying goes “too much of everything is bad”.



periwinkle can be added to Edikaikong as desired, while adding it you can use your discretion or add as many as you want.


OnionsThe taste of onion and its flavor can not be over-emphasized, as it serves an important role in making different dishes. It is added to your meat before parboiling it, then your stock is extracted and used to cook your Edikaikong, hence it is important.

Seasoning cubes

Seasoning cubes

Seasoning cubes Also aids the taste of your soup.

Locust beans ( dawa-dawa / iru)

Locust beans

This is a local seasoning or condiment used in the preparation of Nigerian soups.

Steps to be taken in making Edikaikong

  • Wash and cut your pumpkin leaf and place it in the sieve for it water to drain out as much as possible. The same applies to your work and leaf and set aside.
  • Wash your meat, kpomo, and stockfish and transfer in a pot, season with onion (one medium bulb), seasoning cubes, a little salt, and black and white pepper (optional), if you have any secret or a special ingredient in seasoning your meat add it now, then put it on fire. Note don’t add water yet, when it begins to simmer add one cup of water then parboil.
  • Grind your Crayfish.
  • Wash your periwinkle and boil afterward set aside.
  • Dice your onion and set it aside.
  • Also, wash your locust beans and set them aside.

Ensure to measure and arrange all the ingredients to be used. That is the essence of the steps so as not to miss anything out in the cooking process. So endeavor to set aside all your cooking ingredients.

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Cooking procedures for Edikaikong soup

  • Place a pot on fire at medium heat add in your stock i.e (the water gotten after boiling your meat), add in your oil, seasoning cubes, periwinkles, ground pepper, onion (finely chopped/ blended), locust beans, Crayfish (ground), meat, dry fish then cover and allow to boil for 3-5mins.
  • Afterward, add your pumpkin leaf don’t stir it (just cover) after a while like 1-2 mins open and stir.
  • Finally, add your waterleaf, don’t stir just like you did while the pumpkin leaf was added. After a while opens and stirs gently.
    And that’s your Edikaikong soup.

What can I eat with Edikaikong soup?

Edikaikong has a lot of side dishes here are a few of them:
Edikaikong a be taken with

  • fufu (akpu),
  • Amala
  • pounded yam
  • Eba
  • wheat
  • Semovita…

Important notes

  1. Make sure you wash your pumpkin and waterleaf properly with a lot of water, little salt can be added while washing it. To avoid dirt in your soup.
  2. Before boiling your periwinkles ensure to cut out the bottom end of the periwinkle.
  3. Endeavor to measure out all your ingredients before you start preparing the soup so that you won’t miss out on any ingredients.

When can I eat Edikaikong soup?

Edikaikong soup is mostly taken as dinner in a Nigerian home. For me, u feel like it can be taken as lunch or dinner. Ever is your preference, choose wisely.

Health benefits of Edikaikong soup

Edikaikong has a lot of health benefits, looking at the ingredients used in making this recipe ranging from pumpkin leaf which contains iron, waterleaf, Crayfish e.t.c), you will now know this dish Edikaikong soup is very important for your health.

Below are some of the health benefits contained in a rich and properly ade Edikaikong soup.

  1. It contains a high source of energy.
  2. It helps maintain one health.
  3. Edikaikong soup help prevents the occurrence of anemia.
  4. Maintain the health of the nervous system
  5. It maintains mental health
  6. It also maintains healthy skin.

Having read the benefits of Edikaikong soup, have it in mind that you are not only enjoying its wonderful taste but also on the other hand you will enjoy the health benefits of this dish.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article?. Making Edikaikong soup is not difficult just follow the procedures outlined in this article and watch yourself become a pro in making this dish.

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Thanks once more.

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