Homemade apple juice recipe

Homemade apple juice recipe

Hi, there welcome to cooking a platform where we share legit cooking tips for our users in today’s edition, we will be sharing a simple method for making homemade apple juice, using your instant pot and an apple peeler. All you have to do is to read this article to the end to get the recipe for this unique fruit juice drink. Join me as we proceed.

apple juice

 Apple juice is a unique drink its major ingredients include some apples, water, and some other ingredients to add flavor to it, and that’s it. When choosing which apple to use is most popular you search for a sparkly and sweet apple because it is pleasant for making apple juice.

For a sweeter apple juice, you’ll need to apply a sweeter apple. Some examples might be a gala, Fuji, Honey crisp, Rome, Pink lady, golden delicious or yellow delicious, any of these. Sweet apples are going to paint first-rate and provide you with the sweetest juice without having to feature any sugar.

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Where can you get those apples? Well, you can find those apples right from the grocery keep, malls, avenue dealers, open marketplace, and Patter trader’s mini shop.

A perfect exact place to look for a good apple is if you have an orchard nearby or a farm stand. That is selling seconds off the bushes or the ground, and people’s seconds just imply that they’re a little bit riper, they may have some awful spots and that they need to be used extra quick than the everyday apples at the cabinets, it can even prevent cash and you can get plenty of apples there at an inexpensive fee.

Now let’s, speak about apple juice, versus apple cider,

Apple juice has a clearer, extra obvious, appearance to it and the texture is simply liquid even as apple cider is liquid, but it can also have some pulp and a touch little bit of it. It has extra texture to it and it’s now not transparent in any respect. We like to make apple juice just due to the fact we like to drink it for fun and it’s healthy.

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So let’s proceed with making out sweet and healthy apple juice

How to make homemade apple juice


  1. Water – 5 cups
  2. Apples – 5 pounds
  3. Honey – 1 teaspoon (optional)

Note: this recipe will give you five 1 – 2 liters of this apple juice.

apple juice

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Procedures for making a simple homemade apple juice 

  • First peel your apple; you can get that technique going by using a reachable apple peeler. This is the maximum time-ingesting part of the whole lot and it, in reality, isn’t even time-ingesting due to the use of a handy-dandy apple peeler and this makes our work less stressful.
  • You start with the center quit of the apple. We’re simply going to center it and slice it and everything just falls, and we’ll choose that up in only a little bit when we get all of the apples carried out.
  • Place your apples into your pot, you may cut out any terrible spots you might have, then you can cut your apples into chunks or your desired shape.

NB: What I like to do is just type of slice down via the hollow and simply cut it in half so that I have slices of apple then just throw the whole thing inside the immediately pot. Now, on the subject of the cores, we’re, going to cut that stem quit off, and we’re, going to reduce the blossom cease off.

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I know I’m going to have some questions about placing the seeds and the cores into the pot with the rest of it and cooking all of it collectively that’s. Okay, apple seeds are acknowledged to should be a supply of cyanide.

  • I’m making use of an eight-quart immediately pot. I’m going to add enough water to cover half of these apples. In this situation, I use approximately 5 cups of water for five pounds of apples, after which we’re going to place our lid at the instantaneous pot near it up.
  • The vent is sealing. I would hit pressure cook until it gets to normal, and then I’m going to let it cook, and then you’re going to let it do a natural release. Our valve has been released and we’re geared up to open this up. You would see the apples have cooked there’s could be pretty a bit of liquid in there. So we’re, going to head in advance and begin the procedure of dripping the juice into a clean bucket.
  • You’ll need a bucket or some sort of deep dish that you can do this next part. I’m going to put this in a flour sack towel and I’m just going to drape it over my bucket and put it down in the bucket, because we’re going to pour all of the apple juice into it, and then we’re, going to do the drip system.
  • So now I’m going to get these apples. This part may be a bit intricate, be cautious so you don’t burn yourself. Now you can put a rubber band around this or something strong to hold it, and you want it to hang over your bucket now. You can hang it if you can get it secured, you can hang it on a hook. You can hang it on a strong cabinet door, and the edge of a cabinet.
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And you must hold it for approximately an hour and permit it to drip out into the bucket as it’ll. Just it’ll just slowly drip more and more juice. I think I might probably get two to three liters out of this, likely around liters of juice.

  • When you’re going via the dripping stage, you do want to let it dangle and drip you don’t need to squeeze the substances because are susceptible to putting extra pulp into your juice, however you truly just want juice. You don’t want pulpy juice or cider. Unless that’s your preference. 

Note: The reason that we hold it and allow it drip for an hour or so and allow it simply sort of doing it. Let gravity do it just right for you.

  • Then you clean apple fruit juice is ready
  • I have got about two liters of juice right here, however, I have been given a whole lot of apple stuff left over put the stuff through a food mill, and make apple sauce with the leftovers, and with the juice, you can drink it.
  • Refrigerate it and enjoy.

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Benefits of apple juice


1. it is a great source of nutrients.

2. You get a whole lot of diet c.

3. You get many potassium antioxidants from apple juice, and given that we’re making this with the peelings and the whole lot in the pot collectively, you’re going to get some fiber from it too.

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