Cassava akara

How To Make Cassava Akara

Hi there, welcome to cooking reviews where we share Legit cooking tips for our readers worldwide. We will share a delicious Nigerian snack called Cassava Akara in today’s edition. Making this recipe is easy; if you need the full recipe for this snack, read to the end of this article.

What is Cassava Akara?

Cassava Akara is a Nigerian snack made with cassava as its main ingredient, onion, pepper, and other ingredients. Cassava Akara is one delicious snack among other Street snacks in Nigeria, and it is said to be a vegetarian snack made out of Cassava. This snack is gluten-free and can be eaten by anyone.

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Cassava akara can be made in your desired shape, but it is popularly known to be small and round, which gives it a perfect appearance. One thing about cassava akara is that once you start eating it, you can keep munching it without getting tired, especially when it is hot or warm.

Cassava akara

It is a very delicious and irresistible snack I would love you to try. Preparing it is easy and stress-free as its ingredients are not much and can be easily made.

This snack is widely eaten in Africa like Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, e.t.c, and some other countries in the world; it is known for being crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Cassava Akara is a bit similar to Bean Akara; the difference is that cassava Akara has its main ingredient as Cassava, while Bean Akara has beans as its main ingredient. Don’t be confused; they are two different snacks.

What exactly is Bean Akara (akara)?

Akara is a snack made from peeled beans(black eye peas), washed and grounded alongside onion, pepper, and other ingredients. Akara is a traditional name; it is also known as BEAN BUNS/ BEAN CAKE; whichever name you call it, they all refer to a street snack called AKARA.

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Homemade Cassava Akara recipe

Making cassava akara is easy; you need a few ingredients to pull together this unique snack. My family and I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy this snack for quite some time because I would have to make it from scratch. I then thought that it was very complex and stressful to make.

But I did research and experiments and came out with a straightforward recipe you can make at home without stress, so I don’t have to wait for an extended period before preparing this recipe as long as my family and I want to have it—enough of my long talk. Let’s quickly dive into the recipe for this snack.

Ingredients for Cassava Akara:

  1. Cassava (yuca) – 2 medium size
  2. Onion – 1 medium bulb
  3. Pepper (scotch bonnet) / dry pepper – little (as desired)
  4. Salt to taste – ½ TSP
  5. Ripe banana – (optional)
  6. Oil for frying – enough to deep fry

Equipment needed:

  1. Food processor/ blender
  2. Grater
  3. Muslin bag
  4. Deep frying pan
  5. Bowl
  6. Spatula/spoon

Cassava (yuca): cassava is known as a root vegetable, also known as Yuca, and for this recipe, we will make use of 2 medium-sized cassava.

Pepper (scotch bonnet)/ dry pepper: adding pepper is as required. You could choose to add more to your recipe. But most people like it moderate, whichever is your preference; choose wisely.

Onion: your onion should be blended alongside your pepper if you use fresh pepper.

Salt to taste: you don’t want to mess up your meal, so add salt carefully; ½ tsp of salt will do just fine. You can still adjust the salt to suit you.

Banana: adding bananas is optional. We add it to improve the taste of the snack. You can add any other ingredient to enhance its flavor. But I will not make use of it.

Oil for frying: some people use palm oil for their recipes, but I prefer using vegetable oil, and I recommend canola oil. Nevertheless, you can still use your regular cooking oil to fry.

Cassava Akara

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Procedures for making cassava akara

  • Peel your cassava, wash thoroughly and cut it into bits. Using a food processor or blender, process your cassava till it’s smooth (not too soft).

Note: if you don’t have a food processor or no electricity to power your food processor, you can use a grater. Use the minor side to grate your cassava.

  • After blending your cassava, transfer into a muslin bag or a no-space-sieve And set aside for a while.
  • After 10-20 mins:Transfer your blender cassava to a mixing bowl. Add your blended onion, pepper, and salt. Mix well until all the ingredients are evenly combined.

You can add your banana or any other sweetening ingredient during this process.

  • If you notice the texture of your mixture is dry, add a little water and mix till you get your desired consistency. Note that it shouldn’t be watery.
  • Afterward, get a small quantity of your mixture in the palm of your hand and roll, giving it a pleasing round shape, and set aside. Do continuously for the remaining mixture.
  • Place a deep frying pan on fire at medium heat and add enough oil. When hot, begin to add in your cassava Akara balls and fry. Stir from time to time to avoid getting it burnt.
  • Once it is golden brown, your cassava akara is ready—some people Iike Their snacks brown. If you fall under this set of people, you can fry till you get your desired color.

Note: in every dish you are preparing, be it snacks, food, etc., and your taste is what matters, so do it according to your liking. 

  • After frying, serve hot either with a sauce or hot pepper.

Important notes

  1. Ensure to set out all your ingredients before you start preparing this snack
  2. Make sure you buy “yuca cassava” because any other cassava might not come out well.
  3. Endeavor to use a deep frying pan for the cassava Akara balls to get a perfect result.


When can I eat cassava akara?

Cassava akara can be taken at any time of the day, and it can be taken as Breakfast or lunch with chilled juice. I also take them for dinner. Whichever is your preference choose wisely?

Is Cassava Akara good for your health?

Cassava is a good source of starch which helps support the gut and also help manage blood sugar level.

What can I eat with cassava akara?

In conclusion, this snack cassava akara has a lot of benefits and nutritional values, and it not only satisfies you with its delicious taste but also helps you health-wise.

I plead that you try out this snack and have a taste of it. Trust me; it is unique. Visit the comment box below and drop your contributions. Do share to your socials if you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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