Sandwich and its recipe- making sandwich easy at home


 What is Sandwich?

The above dish sandwich is a food typically consisting of vegetables, sliced cheese, meat, or savory spread on or in between slices of bread,

Or more generally any dish in as much as bread serves as a covering or wrapper for another food type.

It started as finger food in the Western world. Would you believe that Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches a day? That’s right.Sandwich as you know was made known in England in 1762 by John Montagu the 4th Earl of sandwich.

During a particularly long get-together, he ordered the house cook to bring him something he could eat without getting up from his seat, and then SANDWICH was born, John Montagu enjoyed the meal that he ate it constantly.

John Montagu travel abroad to make his “nameless dish” known, little do you know his dish took off immediately a few months later a man named Edward Gibbon mentioned SANDWICH by its name for the first time in a chain Entry.

Sandwich became well-known and established in England. Suddenly the Americans became a lover of this delicious dish.

Sandwich is a popular type of lunch food in some parts of the world, taken to work, school, or picnics to be eaten as a part of a packed lunch

It can be taken as breakfast or even dinner it is commonly taken as breakfast in America

Well for me I prefer taking it as breakfast, it is one of my favorite breakfast dishes.

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Sandwich comprises of four parts

  1. the base (bread).
  2. spreading (butter, mayonnaise e.t.c)
  3. Body
  4. Garnishing.

Types of sandwich

Open sandwich:

Open sandwich
Open sandwich

As its name appears it is usually left open and have the filling at the top without being covered, it may be done is to make it more attractive.

Close sandwich:

Closed sandwich
Close sandwich

A closed sandwich is made up of two or more layers of bread that are sometimes toasted.

Butter, mayonnaise, or a prepared sandwich spread, can be used as lining to prevent the bread from absorbing moisture from the filling, The Spread also adds flavor and nutrients it also ensures that the bread and the fillings stick together.

There are so many different sandwich recipes, either online or otherwise. Let me introduce to you this simple, satisfying, delicious, and flavorful sandwich recipe that can be made in a little time.

Sandwich recipe:

Save yourself some money and stress by stopping by the coffee shop during busy weekday mornings or going to a restaurant for lunch, by making this delicious and easy sandwich yourself.


It is very easy and stress-free.


  • Bread(sliced)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sardine
  • Two Large Eggs
  •  Lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • cheese
  • cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Chicken (breast) or turkey


  1.       Boil your egg pill off the shell and cut it round and set aside
  2.     Wash your lettuce place it in a bowl put water in it, and add vinegar to it, to make it soft and disinfect it.
  3.      Grate your carrot, cut your cabbage, and mix.
  4.      Cut your tomatoes in a round form and set them aside.
  5.      Get your chicken (breast), process it by, pan-frying it with butter for about 2-3mins when it’s ready place it in a bowl and use a fork to pieces it, mix with your cabbage and grate the carrot and set aside.
  6.      Place your sardine in a bowl and use a spoon or fork to mash up the sardine and set aside


  1. Get your sliced bread toasted, (or better still in the absence of a toasting machine, use a non-stick pan to sautee the bread i.e place a nonstick pan on fire at low heat.
  2. Add a little butter, then put your bread and sautee it till it is Golden Brown)
  3.    Apply your spread on the bread. And also apply your mashed sardines (spread all over the bread).
  4.    Get your already mixed carrots, cabbage, and chicken, add your Mayonnaise, and mix.
  5. Afterward spread some on the bread then place another bread on it add your spread (mayonnaise) on it.  Note; you can add any spread of your choice it could be butter, jam, mayonnaise, etc)
  6.  Having added your spread add your lettuce, then put your eggs in opposite angles, likely to your tomatoes,
  7.     Add your carrot mixture and then add your sliced cheese
  8.   Finally, the top(sliced bread) apply your spread then cover.
  9. Cut into your desired shape and ENJOY.

This sandwich recipe is a close type

it is very easy to make all you have to do is to follow the procedures and watch yourself become a professional sandwich maker

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