Straub’s chicken salad recipe – easy homemade chicken salad recipe

Straub’s chicken salad recipe – easy homemade chicken salad recipe

Howdy, welcome to cooking reviews a platform that shares legit cooking tips and recipes for our users worldwide in today’s edition we will share a special salad recipe called Straub’s chicken salad recipe, I will advise you to read to the end for the full recipe. Join me as we proceed. 

straub's chicken salad recipe

What is Straub’s chicken salad recipe?

Straub’s chicken salad recipe is a simple dish made with the combination of some ingredients including chicken breast, mayonnaise, red onion celery, and other ingredients. It is a special healthy way salad recipe that is good and filled with nutrients and can be taken by anyone. 

The chicken salad recipe is a popular dish that is taken and enjoyed by many people, it is sometimes considered one of the best salad dishes seeing that it has unique ingredients and flavors. Some other reasons include: it is a healthy dish that contains flavor and healthy nutritive values that anyone can have. 

This salad recipe is a family’s choice and can be taken for lunch or dinner. This recipe is very easy to pull together and enjoyed with a variety of side dishes that can be taken with it.

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How to prepare Straub’s chicken salad?

Trust me, there are a whole lot of recipes out there, but in this article, I will share a very easy-to-make chicken salad recipe that you can pull together in no time. You might have been searching for the best chicken salad recipe easy to make and healthiest recipe, but be rest assured that your long search has come to an end and this recipe am about to share is perfect for you. Let’s quickly dive into the business of the day.

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Ingredients for preparing straub’s chicken salad:

  • Chicken breast – 1 pound (3 cups)
  • Chicken stock – 3 cups
  • Water – 3 cups
  • Mayonnaise – ¼ cup
  • Celery – ¾ cup
  • Red onion – half (chopped)
  • Carrot – 1 medium
  • Honey – 3 teaspoons 
  • Lemon juice/vinegar – 2 teaspoons
  • Salt to taste – as required
  • Red Chili pepper – (optional) 
  • Cranberries – ¼ teaspoon (finely chopped)
  • Bay leaf – 1 -2 leaves
  • White pepper – ¼ teaspoon 
  • Black pepper – ¼ teaspoon (optional)

Note: this recipe is for a small portion of this dish, if you need a larger portion to feel free to double or quadruple this recipe, a perfect result will still be achieved.

Chicken breast: for this recipe, we will be making use of the boneless part of the chicken. To get a perfect straub’s chicken salad never use the boned part of the chicken, trust me you don’t want to have a bit of bone while having this dish.

Chicken stock: the chicken stock is what you get after simmering a chicken, it plays a vital role in this recipe.

Mayonnaise: This is one of every salad recipe’s ingredients. It gives it that creamy taste and texture. Add much might not be too good, for this recipe ¼ cup will be used.

Celery: celery is a nutritious leaf It contains vitamin C, beta carotene, and other additional kinds of nutrients. It is very unique when used in this recipe.

Red onion, cranberries, and carrot: are to be finely chopped or diced.

Honey: our honey here is a sweetening agent.

Lemon juice/vinegar: you can make use of any one of these in place of the other, they all perform the same duty.

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White pepper/salt/ red chili pepper: add as required to suit your desired preference.  

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straub's chicken salad recipe

Procedures for making Straub’s chicken salad recipe

  • Place a medium saucepan on the fire. Add your chicken stock, water, carrot, celery, onion, and bay leaf, and put to a boil.
  • Add in your chicken breast. Make sure the liquid content is above the chicken breast completely. On medium heat allow simmering for about 20-30 minutes. (note: the chicken breast should be done
  • Afterward, separate your chicken from the stock and set it aside: your stock can still be saved for future use or even to make another chicken salad.
  • Allow chicken breast to cool down, then shred into inch pieces until you are done with the whole breast. You should get at least 3 cups or more after shredding depending on the size. 
  • Mix with your mayonnaise, vinegar/lemon juice, celery (chopped), salt, white pepper, cranberries, and, honey. Mix till all ingredients are evenly combined.
  • Put in a sealed container and place in your fridge for 24 hours.
  • Afterward, bring it out and give it a nice and gentle stir, taste and adjust the seasoning to suit your desire if required.
  • Serve and enjoy. 


  • Ensure to set aside all your ingredients before you start preparing this dish so as not to miss anything.
  • This recipe deals with measurement endeavor to get measuring equipment for the perfect taste of this recipe given.


Sandwich: chicken salad can be served on bread plain or toasted try this out it is so delicious.

Vegetables: most people still add vegetables to their chicken salad such as broccoli, lettuce, green beans, cucumbers, etc.

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Rice: an ideal chicken salad can be taken with varieties of rice recipes including fried rice, Chinese fried rice, kichili samba rice, etc.


  • The chicken salad contains vitamin C, which helps your body fit illness
  • It helps in the loss of weight: you could eat chicken salad for days or even weeks and still lose weight it contains calories but is not a fatty nutritive dish.
  • This dish is a good source of high fiber content that is a good source of keeping your heart healthy and reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Chicken is one of the ingredients used, and it is a high source of protein which is good for building healthy bones.
  • Chicken is a good source of vitamin B, which helps boost the immune system.

 Having read the health benefits of this dish you will discover that you will not only enjoy the delicious taste of this dish but also its health benefits all together in one meal isn’t that great.

So this is going to wrap up this blog post, i believe you have read and you will be able to make this dish all by your self, all you have to do is follow the procedures step and step and watch your self become a PRO in making chicken salad. If you encounter any challenge while making this dish or you have any contributions kindly drop them in the comment box below. Thanks 


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