Three ingredients chocolate ice cream recipe

Hello readers, have you been looking for a perfect chocolate ice cream recipe? Or do you want to know how to make a simple chocolate ice cream? Worry not, because all your answers are in this blog post.

All you need to do is follow the procedures and watch yourself become a pro in making chocolate ice cream.

First things first

What is chocolate

Chocolate is a food product made from roasted and ground cacao pods, that is available as a liquid, solid, or paste, on its own, or as a flavoring agent in other foods. WIKIPEDIA.

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Chocolate is a very popular food type and flavor type in the world, that millions of people enjoy every day, thanks to its unique, rich and sweet taste.

Briefly let’s move on to the business of today.

How to make three ingredients of chocolate ice cream:


  1. All-purpose cream 500 ml (chilled overnight)
  2. Condensed milk 390g (chilled overnight)
  3. Unsweetened cocoa powder ⅔cups.


  • In a large mixing bowl place your all-purpose cream and use a hand mixer to beat, to double the volume for about 15 minutes in the absence of a hand mixer, you can use a hand whisk to mix but it will take a longer duration to double its volume
  • Afterward, add in your condensed milk and mix well then do use a spatula to scrape the edge of the bowl into the mixture.
  • Serve in your measured sweetened cocoa powder, and mix well for about 4 to 7 minutes.

And you are done

Transfer into your container and freeze for at least 7hours.

As easy as that…..

Health benefits of chocolate:

  • It can help your heart to stay healthy
  •  it may help improve your memory as you get older
  • Lowers your cholesterol levels
  • it can help to lower your blood pressure
  • reduces stress
  •  boost athletic performance
  • combat diabetes
  • improves brain function
  • balances the immune system
  •  Chocolate is full of nutrients

Having read this article, I believe you’ll be able to make three ingredients chocolate ice cream, without contradiction.

See you next time…..

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By Chef Victor

I am chef Victor, from Nigeria. I cook Nigerian as well as continental dishes I have been a practising chef since 2018.

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